Reflecting on a Great Experience

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Anastasia Kocher

I had a truly amazing experience as a 2012 University Honors Scholar. With the assistance and guidance of a talented faculty mentor, I was able to conduct meaningful research in my area of interest. I learned how to extract information from various scholarly sources, analyze and organize my information into a formal Honors Capstone paper, and present my major findings to a small group of students and a large, public audience. This experience helped me to develop a unique set of skills. On the one hand, I learned how to condense my information into a five-minute presentation, conveying only the most critical points of my research. On the other hand, I learned how to stay enthusiastic, motivated, and intellectually attentive during my formal University Honors Scholar research presentation that lasted for 30 minutes.

Additionally, I had an opportunity to present my project at NIU’s fourth annual Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day. My participation in this highly competitive event helped me prepare for the subsequent University Honors Scholars presentation, which occurred a few days later. This event also gave me a chance to meet other bright and motivated students from all disciplines, who were eager to enhance their learning experience through different academic opportunities offered by the University Honors Program.

Kolsai mountain lakeI felt highly privileged to hold the title “University Honors Summer Scholar” and the prestigious title “University Honors Scholar” during my senior year. The project was a challenge, but it was a challenge worth taking! The time dedicated to my summer research and my effort in writing the Honors Capstone during the spring semester has helped me develop time management skills and define my substantive ideas and professional interests.  This project also helped me discover and develop abilities that will allow me to make future contributions to a global society.


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